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Headstrong is extremely serious about its ethics and compliance policy, and ensures adherence to all governmental laws, rules and regulations applicable to the business.

Headstrong believes in operating with unflinching integrity every day. Our commitment towards doing business while operating within the sphere of ethics and law further strengthens the foundation of Headstrong. A well-founded reputation for scrupulous dealing is itself a priceless corporate asset.

Our collective effort directed towards doing business ethically has resulted in the establishment of a principled framework of expected behaviors in all our operations, from serving our clients, to further augment our brand’s reputation and transparency as an organization.

Headstrong cares about how results are achieved; not just that they are obtained. Directors, officers, and employees should deal fairly with each other. We extend our commitment towards integrity to competitors, vendors and/or other third party contractors who conduct business with Headstrong. We take responsibility of informing our vendors about the organization’s ethics and compliance policy, and see to it that transactions and business operations conducted are within the ethical framework laid.

The Corporation expects candor from employees at all levels and adherence to its policies and internal controls. One harm which results when employees conceal information from higher management or the auditors is that other employees think they are being given a signal that the Corporation's policies and internal controls can be ignored when they are inconvenient. That can result in corruption and demoralization of an organization. The Corporation's system of management will not work without honesty, including honest bookkeeping, honest budget proposals, and honest economic evaluation of projects.

Headstrong vouches to be a unique company, though it is impossible to chalk out every possible scenario centered on ethics that the organization might face. On the contrary, we believe in our people and their good judgment to foster a high standard of integrity for us and the company.